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The Twinja Cookies Love Story Recipe

It's finally Friday, the most expected and beloved day. We survived another week, we are doing great and that deserves to be celebrated. And what's a better reward than a delicious sweet treat? :)

Recently we received a cookie recipe from one of our fans. It's made with our tasty Twini cookies and Ninja Biscuit. We highly recommend it. The best part is the super easy way to prepare it. Here is the recipe and photos our dear fan sent us.

Twini cookies and Ninja biscuit in a cookie with chocolate chips
Twinja Sandwich Cookie with Chocolate Chips

Cookie with chocolate chips and Twini and Ninja sandwich cookies
Twinja Cookies and Cream with Chocolate Chips

Try it out this weekend and we encourage you to share your photos of your masterpiece with us, either in the comments section or on our Instagram/Facebook page.

Have a nice weekend and we are looking forward to receive your photos :).

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