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The Love Story: Ninja Biscuit and Codefest 2015.

Codefest is a programming marathon for students, where teams compete on innovative tech idea development and design. It was initiated by H-Sense.

Codefest has proven to be a well-established and perfectly-organized event aiming to bring together students from all over the country and engage them into the development of creative and innovative IT solutions. The main purpose behind this goal is to bring fresh talent to the IT industry and to present fresh “material” for potential business development .


During the past weekend we had a chance to be part of the third edition of Codefest under the motto “Code Scene Investigation”.  The event took place 18-19 April at the University “St. Paul The Apostle” Ohrid.


The whole event was organized in the spirit of “Ninjas” so it was great opportunity for Via Prom to send some of its “ninjalicious” pleasures to the participants of Codefest. Via Prom’s most powerful brand – Ninja Biscuit was the brand that was giving some extra energy to all those great programmers during their 32 hours of coding.

Our Ninja Biscuit loves everything related to innovation and creativity, but most importantly, our Ninja Biscuit loves tech guys and girls. We enjoyed it and we hope to be part of future Codefest events.

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