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Recipe: Twini Chocolate Bar

Couple of days ago another great fan of ours shared an idea for a Twini cookies & cream dessert which we named the Twini Chocolate Bar. We tried it and it was divine. Rich taste, great texture, eye satisfying :).

Here are the ingredients you need:


  • 450g crushed Twini dark cookies

  • 120g butter, melted.

Crush the Twini dark cookies and mix it with the melted butter. Pour them in a baking tray, pressing down firmly, spread it evenly and put it in the fridge.


  • 1 tin condensed milk

  • 90g unsalted butter

  • 100g dark brown sugar

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • Golden syrup

Mix all the ingredients together until a homogeneous texture is obtained, bring it to the boil, and continue stirring for about 5-10 min until the mix thickens.


  • 180g white chocolate

  • 16 Twini dark cocoa cookies

Pour the caramel onto the base, spread in evenly and refrigerate for 1 hour. Put the white chocolate in a microwave and pour over the caramel. Spread it evenly. Place the whole Twini cookies on the top and refrigerate for 1 hour until set.

Enjoy :).

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