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Best sandwich biscuits in the Balkans

Couple of months ago, Via Prom Macedonia expanded its sandwich biscuits pallet with two new products: Fresh Original and Fresh Choco.


Fresh Original is extra dark (black) cocoa flavoured sandwich biscuit with vanilla – milk cream. There are 4 wrappers in each Fresh Original 176g Box. Each wrapper contains 4 sandwich biscuits.


Fresh Choco is chocolate covered sandwich biscuits. The biscuits are cocoa flavoured (extra dark – black) and the cream is vanilla-milk flavour. There are 6 wrappers in the Fresh Choco 228g box. Each wrapper contains two chocolate covered sandwich biscuits.

As a quick reminder, all products of Via Prom, including the new ones, are ISO 22000 including HACCP, HALAL and BRC certified.


Via Prom Macedonia is a manufacturing company of different types of biscuits with the main focus on sandwich biscuit production. It develops and exports own brands as well as private label brands.  It’s located in Ohrid, Macedonia – South Eastern Europe. It’s a family owned company founded in 2001 in Ohrid. The company holds ISO 22000 including HACCP, HALAL and BRC certificates. Additionally, the company is a member of the PLMA – Private Label Manufacturing Association.

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