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Are you a distributor or a wholesaler? You better start developing your own brand now and here is wh

It’s essential to understand there is no longer a simple one way supplier-buyer relationship in which buyers pay for their products of interest, collect it and that’s it. End of the story. If products sell well, they repeat the cycle, otherwise they stop and search for another supplier. Gone are the days of this traditional supplier – buyer relationship.


Instead, new times have come. Marketplace is full of engagement and active support between both sides. It’s a two way street where movement is based on a complex relationship that is quite a challenge to maintain on the long run.


Being an import and trading company of confectionary products for about 15 years (back in the 90s), going through the transition from trading to manufacturing company of traditional Balkan type cookies (2001-2013) and finally becoming an export oriented company of private label sandwich cookies (2013 – present), we have seen dramatic changes when it comes to supplier-buyer relationship. Since we’ve experienced both sides (buyer and now a supplier) we perfectly understand both positions. Furthermore, taking into consideration that our business has been through the whole economic and political turbulences in the past 20-25 years locally and globally, we have gone deep into the evolution of the intricate relationship between the buyer and the seller.


Illustration: Christoph Hitz. Source: Consumer Reports

Let’s be honest: there is one point that remained valid over time regardless of other business disruptions happening around and that is the following: we as sellers like to sell our products at a higher price, you as buyers like to buy at a lower price, and this will always be the case. Nevertheless, we both have one same goal: how to win final consumers’ choice, how to make them love our products and eventually make repeating purchases. For that reason, the more we help each other, the more insights we share, the greater the chances to reach our mutual goal. Here is our part of the share…

Why do you as distributors or even wholesalers need your own branded products regardless of the fact you do not own retail stores? Here is why:






PL brands always pay off to hard working and success oriented companies. If you are one of them, then don’t doubt it.  Plant your own seeds and enjoy the fruits to the fullest. PL is everywhere, it’s a trend overtaking shelves all over the globe. It’s the right time to get into the business of PL.

Feel free to contact us and we will guide you through the process. We have done it many times, it has become a routine to us.

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